Cyan Eyes


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released June 23, 2016



all rights reserved


FUTUREANGEL Buffalo, New York

FUTUREANGEL is an experimental duo creating immersive dreamscapes of light and sound.

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Track Name: Cyan Eyes
The sparkle inside me will magnetize
Evoking memories of cyan eyes

Cyan eyes:
Light stylized into a shape
Crystalized bright, shining eyes
Pierce my soul, and as I look at you my
Crying eyes flow like rivers from the source

Bow down to the light within
It’s no coincidence
That this foray into the physical form
From the moment we’re born
Until the moment we’re torn from it
Is riddled with signs from our higher mind

I’m strong
But I can’t do it alone
I feel the tension in my body
Locking up like stone
While the mind expands
The form contracts,
But it’s a temporary vessel,
Not a permanent trap

And I can hear you calling out beyond the thin white veil
Cuz you were there all along and didn’t want me to fail
So you did everything you could to keep me singing your song
Not forgetting that it won’t be long

So from opposite ends of the spectrum
We’ll find one another
Only to discover
Our fate is sealed
This is what it is:
It’s exactly what you’d expect
The end is always just the same
It’s the One, the One, the One

Gushing the elusive love you could
Never get a hold of
The one that knows the waters will unfold

Oh, cyan eyes

Cyan eyes like cyanide to all the sleeping parts of me
That hide away in gorgeous lies of being less than everything