The Only Color


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released August 14, 2016

Thank you to Cynic, Arrow, Jonah, Elli, Tim, Avraham, Leah, Rocknutz, Lilavati, Lisa, Adam and everyone who makes FUTUREANGEL possible



all rights reserved


FUTUREANGEL Buffalo, New York

FUTUREANGEL is an experimental duo creating immersive dreamscapes of light and sound.

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Track Name: Hot Opals Blue Sky
I turn summersaults in the sky
Searing white hot scribbles into the night
Lose my breath in a deep blue sigh
I was colorblind before the dawning of your light

Hot opals, blue sky,
Iridescent violet eyes
Existential anarchsim
Vivid dreams and mystic mischief
Track Name: Cyan Eyes
The sparkle inside me will magnetize
Evoking memories of cyan eyes

Cyan eyes:
Light stylized into a shape
Crystalized bright, shining eyes
Pierce my soul, and as I look at you my
Crying eyes flow like rivers from the source

Bow down to the light within
It’s no coincidence
That this foray into the physical form
From the moment we’re born
Until the moment we’re torn from it
Is riddled with signs from our higher mind

I’m strong
But I can’t do it alone
I feel the tension in my body
Locking up like stone
While the mind expands
The form contracts,
But it’s a temporary vessel,
Not a permanent trap

And I can hear you calling out beyond the thin white veil
Cuz you were there all along and didn’t want me to fail
So you did everything you could to keep me singing your song
Not forgetting that it won’t be long

So from opposite ends of the spectrum
We’ll find one another
Only to discover
Our fate is sealed
This is what it is:
It’s exactly what you’d expect
The end is always just the same
It’s the One, the One, the One

I could say it in three words
Or I could say it in two words
Or I could say it in One

Gushing the elusive love you could
Never get a hold of
The one that knows the waters will unfold

Oh, cyan eyes

Cyan eyes like cyanide to all the sleeping parts of me
That hide away in gorgeous lies of being less than everything
Track Name: Multiverse I feat. Cynic
your aura’s an aurora in my mind, (come with me)

and we’ll be viscously alive, (don’t you see?)

everything is perfect, we're always free

come with me and we’ll make colors only spirits can see

and it makes me wonder what came first

are you the muse I thirst for - the future I search for

or divine interruption - an inner eruption

a ineffable preview of a coming attraction

primordial wheels of cosmology spinning a

Velveteen web in a flawlessly shimmering

portrait of all we perceive in our dreams

a key to the lock we’ve received

watching sunsets from the bottom of the ocean
painting helixes in rainbows of emotion

this is the anthem of the epoch and we’re here to sing along

the One divides into the many different voices singing this one song


Multiverse I

I don’t know why

I think I saw you in my sleep last night

I think I saw you in my dreams last night

And now your sunrise fills the streets with light

I think I saw you in my


hundred thousand comets in my horizon all dying at the same time when I look you in your eyes hundred thousand calls got dropped version bc my phone’ll kept going off until I die If i want it i could have talking bout it yeah I had it made a wish up on a dragon made a wish up on a sky I was chilling with the rabbits in a labyrinth praying that I’d make out alive shawty hit my phone like aye whats happening nothing you could fathom or imagine what’s been going on feeling strong i’m going on i’m going off like a lamp like a lamp like a lamp I’m the ocean you’re a grain of sand a hair strand n they like where you at where you at where you at I’m where I need to be hitting notes stealing souls yeah think I’m Alicia Keys where you at where you at where you at I’m where I need to be shawty out this dimension different wave lengths n frequencies


I’ve met death, he's beautiful, with void-like eyes lit by a glimmer of hope

I’ve met life, he’s vibrant touched by a secret desire to unravel
Track Name: Phantom Memory
Phantom memory
Fleetingly brushing with my universe
I know I never knew you
Never knew you before

Through the weight of your presence
Through the lightness of your absence
I never knew I knew you
I knew you before

On the tip of my tongue
In the corner of my eye
In the space between my heartbeats
We’re forever alive

When you pull back the blinds
You’ll find us waiting in the wings
And sometimes just for a second
We are almost forever

Inside this now a place long gone but never far
If you listen closely you can hear them like stars
Illuminating memories of centuries away
Compressing into frequencies of linear decay

The wild headed truth, the effervescent swirl,
I never knew I knew you, in some other world,

Pouring from my soul the forbidden high,
Here lies ghost ties, proscribed,
Let yourself die

To find yourself alive in another plane, going insane, you can’t explain the pain, so embrace it,
Can’t take yourself to the Self, so erase it
Gotta look death in the eye, you gotta face it
Open up and take in the ultimate dissolution
Crumble down and disappear like a powder in a solution
Like a fisherman lost at sea you can’t see,
Recognize it’s time to find your way back to the shore

A time long passed but never forgotten
The ultimate escape
The absolute center

Always everything
Existing always
Anchor me to
Your open shore

Blips of knowing
Reflecting endlessly
I never knew I knew you
In some other world
Track Name: Welcome Oblivion
Don't speak - don't speak - don't speak

Deepening my vision encompassing all the space
I occupy the state of mind that there’s darkness I gotta face

Screaming all the words of the magical song you’re writing
And I’m taking all the beutiful parts of myself and setting them on fire

To mold, to melt them into gold
To inspire — the young to meet the old

I was sold the counterfeit myth
That the struggle isn’t real - that only light exists

Well the only thing they missed
Is that a lot of us are pissed
About the hunger of the needy
And the excess of the greedy

I gotta stop and take a breath
Or I’ma scare myself to death
It’s time to take the first step

Ascension is a difficult process
It’s not a walk in the park or a weekend retreat

Do it regardless
Walk in the dark - go deep

Burn the books and live the forest,
Don’t act smart, and don’t speak

Welcome Oblivion
Track Name: The Only Color is Light feat. Arrow Real
It will all become reality
Unlearn the myth of memory
Go back into the blue