Butterfly Effect


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Back in the bliss
Seeing every single day as a gift
That will lift my spirit
Up to the sky
To remember why I came
To the plane that gave me the pain I
Chose to create
To negate stagnation
Raise vibration
Transcend all my limitations
Stop evading changing

Back in the flow
I feel that inner glow
I had three good days in a row
But I won’t let a bad one
Mess with me,
It’s a test for me,
To see if I can overcome
The struggle of the form
Stay lovable and warm
Despite the tumult and the storm

And try to see myself
Look into the depths of the mind,
Cut through the grime go back in time realize it’s fine
So I can find a way to be myself
Uncontrived, unified, ready to let my ego die
And shed it like a chrysalis, now I'm diving into this,

Brave new world
With a new vibration
And a new world nation
Laying waste to the hate
It’s time to let my wings unfurl
Become weightless
Light, penetrate this soul,
And beam me up

Flap your wings my butterfly
eons dance upon your sky
been dreaming for millennia
wake up my dear, call it home

I am what death can't kill
I am what life can't hide
I am the void that fills
I am the one inside

It's not the end it's not the end
Don't ever be afraid
When the moment comes look to the sun
Release all that conflicts with love

It will all make sense in the end
Every slice every second every bend
There's a reason why we came to this game
It's fun the pretend but it's time to mend

It's never goodbye only see you later
In another corner of this incubator
Life is a Fibonacci squiggle,
Death is a breath for the cosmic giggle

You'll see it all again as a dying star
Remind me why I've come this far
Take me back to a very high place
Where I can understand it all

Flap your wings my butterfly
eons dance upon your sky
been dreaming for millennia
wake up my dear, call it home

Until the shadows fade to light
I’ll always wait, in crazed delight
Spent aeons on forever’s throne
In every life, in every home


released February 4, 2016



all rights reserved


FUTUREANGEL Buffalo, New York

FUTUREANGEL is an experimental duo creating immersive dreamscapes of light and sound.

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